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World Press Art-International Festival 2011
2011.09.29 - 15:48:30

World Press Art-International Festival 2011

Media is a device to transmit a message and to have this message in the most appropriate way for audience and to have
the most influence on them its better to combined it with ART.
on this basis for the first time we mean to study the subject of art in the medium specifically accordingly beside the international press and news exhibition press office of ministry of culture will held the festival of world press art annually in order to improve the visual grade of Iranian press
This festival has different part such as : layout cartoons and caricatures photos covers press graphic with the subject of peace and justice the international festival allows the participants to compute with other artists all around the world for their last year published or digital works meanwhile after the evaluation by jury the selected superior works will be shown in the international press exhibition
Festival parts
3-cartoon and caricatures
2- peace and justice
General condition
The festival will accepted the works should have been published in written or digital media during last year
Note: all news photo which were not entitled to be published are allowed to be sent for international part
The original and the main works should be send to the secretariat office
Note: works published in digital media should be sealed with the relevant media stamp
4)for translated works the original text should be sent as well

5)created works should be related to the subject of current year

6)digital files should be sent to latest 22 Oct 2011

7)for selected works in case of not receiving the original version till 27 Oct 2011 they would be refused participants should send the row files in case of jury's request

8)festival is entitled to use the works for the aim of advertisement by means of books , postal or cd

9)filling out the entrance from is in mandatory

10)to all the participants whom their works are accepted of festival book will be dedicated

11)the first three superior works with the subject of peace and justice will be awarded by the festival premium prize

12)all participants will acquire the festival certificate

specialty condition

1)in the photo section :


- photo collection and single photo

- size : A3

- The specification of sent works : jpeg -dpi300

- Black and white and colored

2)in the cartoons and caricature section the interested can participant cartoon figures , cartoon without description or with description and cartoon strip

- size : A3

- The specification of sent works : jpeg -dpi300

- Black and white and colored

3) Graphic section
- Layout and cover design
- Size: has the be as the same size of the published works
- The specification of works: JPEG.OPI300
The prize of the winter in the international section:
The grand prize with subject peace and justice 5000Euro+statue and honorary diploma
The first winner: 3000Euro+statue and honorary diploma
The second winner: 2000Euro+atatue and honorary
The third winner: 1000Euro+statue and honorary
4) The time of Exhibition
Deadline of the receiving the digital edition of artworks is 22/10/2011
Deadline of the receiving the principal edition of art works 27/10/2011
Result 1/11/2011
Please find the attachment below regarding information on the first international art press festival in IRAN with grand prize send your art works as soon as possible please contact us if we can be of further assistance.
Inauguration of exhibition: As the same time of inauguration of press and news agency exhibition
Address: Nashravaran Journalistic & Cultura institute l
No.24 akbari (mostofi)st. valieasr Ave Cross Beheshti. Tehran IRAN
Nashravaran Journalistic & Cultural third floor
Tel: +98 21 88723228-9 :+98 21 88725431
Best regards

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