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00:10 - 23.01.2018
“The End of Terrorism" International Poster, Cartoon and Caricature Contest-2018
2018.01.02 - 13:04:26

“The End of Terrorism" International Poster, Cartoon and Caricature Contest-2018

Sections and the Themes:

Poster Section:

The End of Terrorism

Cartoon Section:

- The End of Terrorism

- Aleppo was released

-Mosul was released

Caricature Section:

-Benjamin Netanyahu

- Donald Trump

- Aung San Suu Kyi

- Mohammad Bin Salman


Each participant can send maximum 3 artworks in each section

Sent artworks should not been awarded before

Artworks must be send with png or jpg format, 300 dpi resolution and 2000 pixel length or width

Artists must send their (name and family name, address, Email, Tel (Cell phone), Photo and Resume) in word file

Artists that their artwork published in catalog will receive a copy of catalog

Iranian winners will receive their awards in case of their attending in Closing Ceremony


Cartoon Section:

First Prize: $ 2000 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Second Prize: $ 1500 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Third Prize: $ 1000 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Caricature Section:

First Prize: $ 2000 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Second Prize: $ 1500 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Third Prize: $ 1000 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Poster Section (The Humorous Look of Graphic Artists):

5 Prizes of 20,000,000 Rials + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Jury Members:

Mr, Mohammadhossein Niroumand , Massoud Nejabati &  Mohammadreza Doust Mohammadi,

From Iran, Silvano Mello from Brazil and Alexander Faldin from Russia

New Deadline:Feb.,4th, 2018

Address for sending artworks:




+ 98 21 88 911 214

+ 98 21 88 911 215


+ 98 21 88 911 219

Address of Secretariat of the Contest:

1st Floor, No 55, Vahdat alley, North Hafiz st, Karim Khan Zand ave, Tehran, Iran

A Colorful Human World” International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition Norway 2018
2017.12.27 - 14:40:21

A Colorful Human World” International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition
Norway 2018

A Colorful Human World!
"It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair", Dickens wrote. Words, we recognize only too well. Or rather, we instantly recognize the despair, seeing it in the eye of refugees, who travel across the sea in spite of the danger, because staying would be infinitely more dangerous. We see the refugees, who never make it to Europe, drowning in the attempt, and those who make it ashore, only to be met with hate speech and the suspicion that they are extremists. Mainstream media are stimulating that populist speech, which incites hate, while right wing parties everywhere in Europe are calling on the nation state and closing of the borders to the exclusion of others. There is always some "other" to blame for everything. In fact, our societies consist of many "others" at the risk of a situation of fracture in which everyone is made scared of one another. Cartoonists have an important task at hand, and The International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition 2018 invites all cartoonists to make us forget to be scared and find different ways of (re)connecting. Cartooning at its finest is a spring of hope. It gives us ways to critically rethink and find alternatives to bridge the "us" and "them". We get to see the human in the other. Differences in culture or language are no longer too strange or too much to take in. We see that differences are what make for a colorful world. We deserve to be living in a colorful human world and The International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition 2018 invites all cartoonists to take part to make it a reality.
Theme: Colorful Human World.
Deadline: 15th of March 2018. 
Size: A4, jpg format, 300 dpi. 
Email: colorworld2018@gmail.com
The Contest is open to cartoonists from all over the world. Cartoonists can send their published or unpublished works of art to the Contest.
The cartoon can be produced traditionally or digitally.
Deadline :15th of March 2018
Each participant may present up to 3 cartoons (size A4). Resolution must be at least 300 dpi.
The Prizes
Grand Prize: 5,000 kr. 
Second Prize:3,000 kr.
Third Prize: 2, 000 kr.
Honour Prizes (5): 1000kr.
All participants whose works will be exhibited will receive a Digital Certificate of Participation
A short CV, personal photo, the e-mail address, Skype account (if available), and the postal address of each participant is required.
Norwegian and International Jury of ten members will make a selection of the submitted cartoons which are to exhibited in the Norwegian Literature House in Oslo and published in Cartoon Home Network International (Facebook platform):https://www.facebook.com/CHNI2016/
The jury members can be participants only in the exhibition.
They will be exhibited to 100 drawings to be evaluated by the Jury Committee.
All participating drawings may be exhibited in a touring exhibition in Norway or abroad.
The drawings may be used in the advertising campaign of the exhibition. On no account should drawings or copies be sold. Commercial exploitation of part or the whole exhibition is prohibited.
Copyright of the exhibition belongs to the organizers.
Participants will receive a digital catalog of the exhibition.
If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. Please send an email to: chni2016@gmail.com
You can visit our Cartoon Home Network International on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CHNI2016/
Good Luck
Cartoon Home NetworkInternational | CHNI

International Cartoon Contest "Humour a Gallarate" 2017, Italylll DEADLINE: LAST 2 DAYS!!!
2017.12.13 - 23:29:39

International Cartoon Contest "Humour a Gallarate" 2017, Italy 

"Humour a Gallarate"
International Cartoon Contest
'Marco Biassoni' Grand Prix
“Osvaldo Cavandoli” Prize
January 21 – February 28, 2018
Theme: On the road
During the exhibition Kerouac. Beat Painting organized at the Museo Maga in Gallarate from December 2017 to April 2018 "Humor in Gallarate" chooses as the theme for the XXIII edition the title of his most famous novel. The pictorial and graphic works of one of the 20th century literary icons, Father of Beat Generation, will be exhibited for the first time in Italy, and "On the Road" will also be the leading line in the show of the selected cartoon.
1) The contest is open to all professional cartoonists, caricaturists, illustrators and graphic artists from all over the world.
2) The competition is divided into three sections: A) Graphic humor B) Satire C) Caricature
Each participant can submit up to three works, one for each section, specifying the title
3) Theme: On the Road
4) The works must be UNPUBLISHED, accompanied by the participation card, biography and photo. Any work already published on paper or on the web will automatically be excluded from the assignement of prizes.
5) Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
6) Technique: Free.
The artworks Works can be made with any technique, including digital techniques.
7) The artworks could be send in two ways: A) Sending the artworks’ original | B) Electronic submission
A) A) Sending originals by post: each artwork must be signed by the author, with the personal information (name, surname, address), title and technique. The works, accompanied by the participation card, must be sent to:
Pro Loco Gallarate
Vicolo del Gambero, 10,
21013 Gallarate (VA)
B) Electronic submission: The file must include the author's name and the progressive number (for example Name_1.jpg, Name_2.jpg, etc.). File format: JPG, 300 DPI, Max 2MB for each image.
The files, accompanied by the participation card, should be sent by email to: proloco.gallarate@libero.it
IMPORTANT: In the event of awarding a prize, the winner is required to send the original workthat will become part of the "Humor at Gallarate Collection". In case of digital artwork, the author is required to send an high-definition print with the "unique copy" caption.
8) Deadline: 12.00 PM December 15, 2017
The Jury will meet Saturday, December 16, 2017
9) Prizes: the Jury will assign the following prizes:
 Grand Prix "Marco Biassoni" for the best artwork among all the sections
(Graphics/Cartoon, Satire, Caricature) - 1.000 € + diploma
 1st Prize – 500 € + diploma for each section
 One special Mention of Jury – Diploma for each section
 5 mention of honor for each
 “Cava Prize” 500 € + diploma. The special "Cava Award" named after Osvaldo Cavandoli, creator of the celebrated "La Linea" character, will be assigned to the artwork that, chosen from all the sections, will combine the beauty of humorous, satirical or caricatural content with the essence of the core graphic execution.
10) Jury: The selection of works and the awarding of prizes is exclusive jurisdiction of the Jury, appointed by the Pro Loco Gallarate, which will meet on December 16, 2017 in Gallarate. The jury's decision is final and unquestionable.
11) Exhibition: from January 21, 2018 at Maga Museum (Gallarate).
There will be also Marilena Nardi’s solo art exhibition.
Opening ceremony: Sunday, January 21, 2018, at 11:00 AM
All authors who will attend the opening ceremony are invited to a rustic lunch.
12) Catalogue: Each selected author, exhibited in shows and published in the catalog, will receive a complimentary copy of the same
13) Property and rights: the Organizers reserve the rights to reproduce the cartoons in catalogue, newspapers, or posters to promote the Contest and to exhibit a selection of works in other locations in Italy or other countries. None of works will be returned but will be included in the "Humour Gallarate Collection".
By submitting the artworks, the author accepts the rules and regulations of the Contest and the decisions of the Jury.
Further information:
Tel/Fax (+39)0331.774968
proloco.gallarate@libero.it www.prolocogallarate.it
Regulations + ENTRY FORM (PDF).
2017.12.13 - 23:27:59


- Theme: "Love story - Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle"
- Exhibition: In every month
Prize: 10 GREAT PRIZE for the best artworks.
- Participation: Send digital portraits of Mihai Eminescu at resolution 300 dpi, A3 size, maximum quality. Email: ionita_ploiesti@yahoo.ro
- The artworks nominated for the GREAT PRIZE, must be sent originals, by post (if is not digital art).
- Deadline: December 15, 2017.
More on FB.

“Ekoloji ve Kimya” Konulu Karikatür Yarışması 2017, Türkiye
2017.12.13 - 23:27:03

“Ekoloji ve Kimya” Konulu Karikatür Yarışması 2017, Türkiye

Kimya Mühendisleri Odası İstanbul Şubesi
“Ekoloji ve Kimya” Konulu Karikatür Yarışması
Genel Kurallar ve Katılım Koşulları
Yarışma Düzenleme Kurulu
● Bu yılki konusu “Ekoloji ve Kimya” olan karikatür yarışması TMMOB Kimya Mühendisleri Odası İstanbul Şubesi’nin 2015 yılında düzenlediği “Savaş İçin Değil Barış İçin Kimya” konulu karikatür yarışmasının devamı niteliğinde üçüncü yarışmasıdır. Yarışma TMMOB Kimya Mühendisleri Odası İstanbul Şubesi tarafından düzenlenmektedir.
● Yarışma tüm profesyonel ve amatör karikatüristlere açıktır.
● Seçici kurul, konunun uzmanı karikatür çizerlerinden, illüstratörlerden oluşmaktadır.
● Karikatür Yarışmasının ödül töreni 13.01.2017 tarihinde gerçekleştirilecektir. Ayrıntılı program daha sonra paylaşılacaktır.
Genel Kurallar ve Katılım Koşulları
1. Yarışma “Ekoloji ve Kimya” konuludur.
2. Konu ile ilgili karikatürlerin, Türkiye’de ve dünyada canlı türleri ve doğa üzerinde kimyanın etkilerini ele alması beklenmektedir. Karikatürlerin artan kimyasal üretimi ve tüketiminin neden olduğu kaosu, canlı yaşam biçimlerini etkiliyor oluşunu, hatta bazı türlerin yok olmasını, doğanın düzeninin bozulmasını ve yaşam alanlarımızı tahribini, bu sorunlara üretebileceği çözümleri, kimya sektörünün doğaya zarar vermeden nasıl işleyebileceği vs. üzerine eserler beklenmektedir.
3. Yarışmaya katılım karikatür çizip katılmak isteyen herkese serbesttir. Her profesyonel ve amatör karikatürist bu yarışmaya katılabilir.
4. Yarışmaya orijinal karikatürle katılınmalıdır. Fotoğraf, fotokopi vs. kabul edilmeyecektir. Bilgisayarla çizilmiş ve renklendirilmiş karikatürler de, katılımcının kendi el çizimi olması, kopyalanmış ürünler kullanılmaması koşulunda kabul edilecektir.
5. Katılımcılar yarışmaya en fazla 2 karikatür ile katılabilir.
6. Karikatür seçiminde cinsiyetçi, ırkçı, heteroseksist/homofobik karikatürler değerlendirmeye alınmayacaktır.
7. Yarışmaya katılanlar karikatürlerini, www.kmo.org.tr adresinden ya da TMMOB Kimya Mühendisleri Odası İstanbul Şubesi’nden elde edip dolduracakları katılım formu ile birlikte TMMOB Kimya Mühendisleri Odası İstanbul Şubesi / Osmanağa Mah., General Asım Gündüz Cad., Yeğiner Apt., B Blok, No: 37 Daire: 7, Kadıköy-İstanbul adresine posta yoluyla ya da elden ulaştırabilirler. CD ile yollanacak eserlerde, CD üzerinde ve CD’nin içine konduğu zarf üzerinde katılımcının adı, soyadı yazmalıdır. E-mail ile gönderilecek çalışmalar için gönderi adresi ise ercanzincir@kmo.org.tr’dir. Katılımcının beyan ettiği e-posta hesabından başka bir hesap ile yollanacak karikatürler ise kabul edilmeyecektir. Katılım formuna ulaşılamadığı durumda Kimya Mühendisleri Odası İstanbul Şubesi’ni arayabilirsiniz.
8. Posta / Kargo sırasında zarar görmüş karikatürlerden kurumumuz sorumlu değildir. Bu yüzden, eserlerinizi paketlemeniz hususunda dikkatli olmanızı ve eserinizi iyi muhafaza edilmiş bir paketle yollamanızı rica ederiz.
9. Gönderilen karikatürler Kimya Mühendisleri Odası arşivinde kalacaktır. Eserler ödül programını düzenleyen yayıncı kurulusun hazırlayacağı ajanda, takvim, afis, poster, albüm, katalog, kitap, slayt gösterisi, eğitim etkinliği ve web sitesinde eser sahibinin ismini açık olarak belirterek, kullanım hakkına eserin ait olduğu kişinin izni dâhilinde eser sahibi ile birlikte sahip olacaktır. Eserlerin yayıncı kuruluş dışında üçüncü şahıslarca, izinsiz kullanımı durumunda, sanatçı fikir ve sanat eserleri kanunundan doğan haklarını tek basına kullanabilir.
10. Katılımcılar katılım formunu imzalayarak yarışmaya katılabilir, imzasız form ile gönderilen karikatürler yarışmaya alınmayacaktır. Katılımcılar yarışma koşullarını kabul etmiş sayılırlar.
11. Yarışmada ödül kazanan ve dereceye giren karikatürlerden, ödül töreninin yapıldığı gün bir sergi düzenlenecektir.
12. Yarışmaya son gönderim tarihi 22.12.2017’dir.
13. Jüri üyeleri ve düzenleme kurulunda görev alan kimse yarışmaya katılamaz.
Seçici Kurul
1. Zeynep Özatalay
2. Göksu Gül
3. Sinan Arık
4. Cansın Çağlar
Düzenleme Kurulu
Saadet Selin Top (Kimya Mühendisleri Odası)
Beril Akaydın (Kimya Mühendisleri Odası)
Ercan Zincir (Kimya Mühendisleri Odası)
Nilgün Mutlu (Kimya Mühendisleri Odası)
Fahrettin Yılmaz (Kimya Mühendisleri Odası)
Birinci: 2000 TL ve birincilik plaketi
İkinci: 1500 TL ve başarı plaketi
Üçüncü: 1000 TL ve başarı plaketi
Mansiyon (3 Kişi): Başarı plaketi ve çizim seti
Son Başvuru: 22.12.2017
Eser Teslimi: TMMOB Kimya Mühendisleri Odası İstanbul Şubesi
Adres: Osmanağa Mah. General Asım Gündüz Cad. Yeğiner Apt. B Blok, No: 37 Daire: 7 Kadıköy-İstanbul
Tel: 0216 449 37 10 – 11 – 12, 0533 486 55 49
Etkinlik Sayfası: https://www.facebook.com/events/910809345748708/
E-posta: ercanzincir@kmo.org.tr.
Ayrıntılı bilgi ve Katılım Formu için tıklayınız.

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